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December 16, 2019


United Kingdom



“Narendra Modi: Creative Disruptor – The Maker of New India” by R. Balashankar

Political books are very interesting to read because they give a detailed account of the history and events that have occurred in the past. They give


“From Nothing to Everything” by Rami Ranger

Rami Ranger, a successful English businessman by profession documents his autobiography in his latest book, “From Nothing to Everything: An inspiring


“Angel of the Dark” By Sidney Sheldon

“ Angel of the Dark ” by Sidney Sheldon is so far one of the few most complicated stories. It is a haunting narrative with a dash of romance. It is divided


‘Origin’ by Dan Brown

At the outset of it, the book is a perfect thriller mystery. The book is based on a theme that is an age-old conflict- science versus religion. Futurist

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